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At Fitmate Coach, our mission is to leverage technology to make health coaching effective, affordable, scalable and available on demand, anywhere

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"I started referring my patients to Fitmate Coach so they could get the on demand behavioral change support that they needed to achieve their weight loss goals. My patients have found it easy and effective to use and I can follow their progress first hand"
Dr Catherine Collins MD
A pharmacist consulting with a client

The Fitmate program was designed by experts from:

Currently supported partners include specialist clinics (weightloss, dermatological, cosmetic), individual general medical practices, bariatric surgeons and insurance companies.

Based in California, USA we serve partners across the USA, Canada and Europe, particularly those working under value-based care models

Program creators and experts

Leila Finn Photo

Leila Finn

Leila is a Certified coach, veteran in the coaching industry and author of several leading Health Coaching books and publications. She is also an editor of the Health Coaching Certification Manual of the American Council on Exercise.

Jennifer Koslo Photo

Jennifer Koslo

Jennifer is a Registered Dietician, Personal Trainer and author of 12 health books.

Alon Laniado portrait image

Alon Laniado

Alon received his certification in Nutrition from Stanford Medicine, and is Board certified by the American Council on exercise as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer.

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Our Coaches

Provide patients with unlimited access to health coaching throughout their treatment, around the clock and on demand.

Fitmate uses methodology approved by Harvard, Duke and the American Council of Exercise to help people achieve, and then maintain, long-term weight loss.

Diets and medical intervention alone don't work long term.
Our health coaches work with patients to build realistic individual plans of action, supporting them with personalized routines to achieve and maintain results.

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Q: How does the program actually work?

A: Fitmate Coach helps people create healthy routines in three areas


Maximize proteins & fiber to prevent you from feeling hungry.
No need for endless calorie counting and you can still enjoy occasional treats.

Breakfast and snacks

breakfast and snacks nutrition diagram

Lunches and dinners

Lunches and dinners nutrition diagram


Add in cardio with strength training to burn fat and raise resting metabolic rate

cardio/shoe icon
resistance training icon
Resistance training

Lifestyle choices

Rest and relaxation is key to ensuring you can adopt healthy nutrition and activity

Rest and relaxation

To ensure clients adhere to the routines, Fitmate coaches apply proven behavioral support techniques:

Weight loss principles
A successful weight loss journey doesn't require restrictive diets or harsh workouts, which can lead to deprivation and burnout.
SMART goals
Instead of trying to change everything at once, break big goals into smaller weekly goals for steady, motivating progress.
Plan your week
Weekly planning is your game-changer. It ensures consistent nutrition and exercise, fosters habits, and boosts motivation with Fitmate's coaching support.
Monitor your progress
After setting SMART goals and a feasible plan, daily progress monitoring boosts motivation.
Get practical feedback
In the journey towards weight loss, effective feedback plays a significant role in keeping you on course.
Address setbacks
During your weight loss journey, setbacks are common. Address them promptly to avoid derailing your progress.

Learn more about our technology platforms

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What results do our customers get?

Typical client weight loss profile

a graph showing the results of the Fitmate program

87% of Fitmate clients lose weight and it stays off*.
On average Fitmate clients lost 5% of their starting bodyweight in 9 months and either maintained or bettered this in the subsequent 9 months.

*Based on all clients acquired in 2022/23 who achieved at least 1  month on the program

A recent study has shown that human coaches, enhanced by tech, are 74% more effective than patient self-serve weight loss apps alone**


Interested in working with us?

We offer various levels of integration to our partners, from a simple light touch referral mechanism, which can be live in a matter of days and requires no tech resource, through to a fully co-branded client experience via 2-way encrypted API connections.

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(COO and Head of Medical Channel)

Partners include

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