What's different about the fitmate program?

Weight loss programs are usually a one-size fits all restrictive diet with limited flexibility and insufficient contact with an expert to support you and keep you accountable to your goals.

No wonder these programs are hard to sustain. That's why 82% of all dieters gain the weight back they lost and more within 2 years.

In-person health coaches offer a high level of effective, personalized support, but for just a 1hr session you could pay $100 plus, which is unsustainable for many and inaccessible for most.

Fitmate is the only program where you can work with a 1-on-1 expert coach who will propose a program that’s realistic for you and provide support whenever you need it without being cost prohibitive. We cost <$2.50 per day.

How do you help me stay on track?

Science shows that keeping up with healthy habits requires essential steps which your 1-on-1 coach will help you put in place:

✔ Setting specific goals for the week that you can work towards, and which are attainable

✔ Doing things you enjoy - it’s not sustainable to only eat foods or perform activities you dislike.

✔ Visualise and plan ahead, for example what you need to buy for your meals

✔ Getting regular feedback on what’s on your plate and on your progress  

✔ Regular check-ins from your coach to provide expert support and accountability.

Who is my coach?

To make sure you get support any day or time of the week you will be matched to your dedicated one-on-one coach as well as a support coach, they are both certified to deliver the Fitmate weight-loss program.

Each coach will have access to your program and messenger, so they can pick up on past conversations with the team.

How do I communicate with my coaches?

When you enroll, you get access to Fitmate’s dedicated messenger app where you can:

✔ Chat with your dedicated coach any day of the week

✔ See your program and track your progress

✔ Access your custom resources to help you achieve your weekly goals (grab and go recipes, workout videos etc.)

If you are having any issues accessing the app please email us: team@fitmatecoach.com and we'll do our best to help. In the first instance please ensure you are on the latest version by checking in the relevant app store

What does the program cover?

Our nutrition coaches help you follow a science-backed holistic program focused on:

✔ Balancing healthy foods with your favourite comfort foods

✔ Realistic and achievable calorie targets introduced in your second month

✔ Physical activity you’ll enjoy and which fits within your schedule

✔ Other lifestyle factors that could improve results like managing stress

Will I need to follow a restrictive diet?

Science tells us that following a restrictive diet doesn’t work. That’s why our Fitmate coaches help you gradually build a healthy nutrition routine instead:

✔ Eating foods like lean proteins and carbs rich in fibre which fill you up for a lower calorie intake

✔ Addressing lifestyle factors like stress which could cause overeating

✔ Sticking to realistic calorie targets without counting every calorie

✔ Balancing healthy nutrition with foods you actually enjoy

What resources do I get?

Your coaches will share content tailored to your weekly goals, for example:

✔ Recipes, meal plans and/or eating out options depending on what works for you

✔ Tailored cardio & strength workout plans to fit your schedule (e.g. short workouts, with/without equipment)

Because things won’t be perfect on day one, your coaches will provide you with live feedback and guidance as you complete your weekly goals, e.g. providing feedback on yourphotos of your meals

What is the cost?

After the free week trial, it’s $75 per month for unlimited time with your coaches.

You can cancel anytime.

Some clients take advantage of our 4 month plans which reduce the monthly cost to $60.

What results can I expect?

80% of Fitmate clients lose at least 6 pounds in the first month and 2 out of 3 lose over 20 pounds within 6 months.

95% of our clients maintain their weight loss, because Fitmate teaches you how to stick to your healthy habits for life.

Meanwhile, most of our clients report they feel better about their body, more energetic and more healthy as a result of the lifestyle changes they made.

Do I need any equipment?

No. The plan is tailored to your circumstances. If you don’t have access to the gym, you’ll receive a program based on home and outdoor activities. If you don't want to cook, you’ll be introduced to eating out and meal delivery options.