An interview with Felicia

18lbs lost

"Fitmate provided me with the support, guidance and the accountability that I was looking for."

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I started gaining weight in 2018 when my career was taking off, I had two kids in sports and life felt like it got really busy. It was hard to prioritise myself and I was focused more on getting fast and easy rather than nutritious meals. I got pregnant a couple of years later and then after my baby girl came I had gained about 35 pounds. It was really hard to get that weight off with the kids at home, work my schedule, and life being so busy. My first motivation was to lose 10 pounds, tone up and that was my focus. Once I got started, I realised that my real motivation was to have a more nutritious, active, and healthy lifestyle. I wanted to get my self confidence back. I wanted to do something for me, that was going to make me feel good.

What problem were you facing when trying to achieve your health goal?

When I found Fitmate I had tried Noom, Weight Watchers and more. Nothing stuck. Nothing felt like it was really made for me, or had the support that I needed. I was facing problems sticking to a plan. I couldn’t hold myself accountable and I didn’t have very much willpower. Honestly, I didn’t know where to start. I wanted something that was going to work specifically for me, my body, and my lifestyle rather than another fad diet that I had tried.

How did Fitmate help you?

Fitmate provided me with the support, guidance and the accountability that I was looking for. Those were the things that I needed the most to really start my journey. I needed someone to help me set up a plan and goals for myself. I needed something that was specifically for me and I needed somebody that was going to hold me accountable. That was going to check in with how I was doing, where I was with my goals, and push me to continue those goals to stay on track so eventually those goals could become habits.

What did you enjoy about the program?

I enjoyed that I had a coach that was specific to me. They knew my lifestyle, what I liked, what I didn’t like, they knew my schedule and they worked with me to create a plan based on that. I liked that I was able to message my coach with any questions, or a picture of a menu, or an exercise question and I knew that I would get a real answer back from a health and wellness coach and that I could trust that information. It wasn’t me googling something on the internet, it was real information from a coach.

What did Fitmate help you achieve?

The biggest thing is that Fitmate helped me set up goals for myself, and keep those goals so they are now habits in my life. I am drinking enough water, getting enough activity throughout the day, exercising a certain amount of times a week, eating high protein breakfasts - things like that, which at one point were goals and now they are habits in my life. They are things I do everyday without even thinking of them. That’s what I wanted when I started Fitmate.

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